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Chr$ 01-14-2017 08:27 PM

Salvage-1 Vulture
So on a whim, I decided to build a 4" Vulture from Salvage-1. That Andy Griffith TV movie/series from 1979. Estes had a prototype but never released it. I am using my new 3D printer to make all the nozzles and transitions. Hopefully, when I get it all done, I can upload the files to thingverse.

So far I have the main engine nozzles and the retro rocket nozzles and nosecones done. I may make more detailed Retro Nozzles, but so far they are just smooth. The Mains are modified from one I found online. They look Good.

Main BT is going to be 4" or BT 401. The Lox Tanks will be BT60 with transitions to BT55 and BT50 motor mounts to fly it as a 3x24mm cluster.

This thing is only gonna be about a foot tall, so It'll be like a cluster fat boy...

Fins will be swept with a "tire" tube fin at the base with the landing gear painted on the fin and tire tread painted on the tire.

Working it out on Open Rocket, but having to use tube fins for the pods. Waiting for the pod update to finish the modeling.

Anyone else built a Vulture?

A Fish Named Wallyum 01-15-2017 12:44 PM

Originally Posted by Chr$
Anyone else built a Vulture?

No, but Estes produced one, at least in demo form. There are pics online of the prototype that was garbage picked when they gutted the building at Estes Industries of anything that had the faint whiff of history.

scott_mills 01-16-2017 01:16 AM

You should follow it up with a blue origin, since they look so similar. Get 2for the price of one sorta.

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