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Originally Posted by Best Dam Garage
Hello everyone just got back into rockets after a probably 25 or more years due to a stop at the craft store with the wife.Its been a month I have ten built Rockets and probably 15 kits waiting.My daughter loves it also.So know that the introduction is over to the questions.I stepped it up a bit but n the latest project I'm currently building Estes Nike smoke.My questions are what Does your completed rocket wheigh I think I over built this one I used epoxy on evething so far. What is the smallest motor I can fly this on will the E or F 16 motors at my local hobby lobby fly it safely.Last but not least is there a better way to attach shock cord than the paper mount and what can I do to upgrade the launch lugs glueing to outside of tube just doesn't seem sturdy if I do go to an organized launch and put a larger reusable motor.Oh one more suggestions one reloadable motor I was considering aerotech.All suggestions comments and criticism welcome.
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BTW, gotta ask about the handle - Best Dam Garage - as in Smokey Yunick's place in Daytona ?


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