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Originally Posted by stefanj
Again: Let the sealer dry really well. A week or more in a warm dry place.

I appreciate everyone's suggestions, but this is not for me. If I have to wait a week, it ain't happenin'. With the primer I only need to wait a day at most between coats. With the old dope method I only had to wait maybe a few hours (been too long since I've done it to remember for sure, but I know I could do multiple coats in a day).

The whole point of the "primer only" method is that it's supposed to be easier and faster. Adding another layer in there and having to wait a week doesn't support that in my eye.

Originally Posted by ghrocketman
I have been involved in rocketry for over forty years and have tried numerous new-age finishing systems. I always go back to the tried-and-true old-fashioned organic-solvent based dope balsa fillercoat followed by sanding sealer for finishing wood parts. It is the lightest and works best BY FAR. I shoot lacquer based primer over the top of that. Trying to use primer alone SUCKS.

I'm starting to think of going back to that method going forward. From what I've read, the old Aerogloss sanding sealer dope is no longer made due to restrictions on the chemicals it used. So what do you use for sanding sealer dope these days?

Back to my recent primer experience, although the 1st coat sanding was a nightmare, the 2nd and 3rd coats sanded very easily and it turned out great in the end. I did still have the issues with the primer building up in the sandpaper and had a to use a clean sheet of sandpaper on each coat.
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