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Genuine Semroc Saturn 1B New In Box.

When Semroc announced they would discontinue their Saturn 1B I took the initiative to purchase all remaining stock so people can continue to purchase them over time even if you missed the announcement or come late to the party.

I have what I consider to be "many" NIB Genuine Semroc Saturn 1B kits. I am selling them to any taker. Limit 4 per person please. $129.95 each (the last retail price) plus $12 flat shipping per order whether you order 1,2,3, or 4.

Once I get down to under 24 remaining rockets I will increase the price fairly substantially.

My goal is to let people who do not follow the hobby news daily to still have access to this historical rocket and amazing kit.

Just email your ship address to which is also the Paypal for after you receive it. Yes we trust and bill our customers. Please specify if your address is not Fedex Ground compatible and we can ship USPS. Foreign orders will have their shipping billed by email.

Of course you can add U.S. Rockets kits 3.16" OD and smaller to your order at no additional shipping charge.

Thanks to Sheryl and Carl for a lifetime of service to kids and adults of the world. When I was in Claremont Rocket Society in the seventies we were a dealer for Semroc, SAI, AVI, Centuri, Estes, FSI, Enerjet and many others.
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