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Originally Posted by ghrocketman
One of the best things about Carl/Sheryl/Bruce Semroc was the almost never discontinuation of kits. The Saturn 1B and the entire SLS line should be in the perpetual untouchable category. Wish we could have got the K-21 Gemini Titan and the Nike Ajax back.
While Semroc still exists within eRockets, it's a FAR CRY from what Carl & company created.

What a wonderful compliment, ghrocketman. Thank you very much. Please give eRockets a chance. Randy is more the business man than Carl was. Carl put pleasing people at top of the priority list instead of profit. It took us about 5 years to see any profit, learning how to use materials without so much waste.

Carl kept most kits in production because "someone might want one", his words. We just didn't make many kits to replenish the stock if a certain kit was not a good seller.

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