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Originally Posted by LeeR

It may be too late, but note this for future decal use on flat paint. I use Krylon UV-Resistant Acrylic Clear Gloss over flat paint, apply decals, then use their Matte clear to return the finish to flat. Really works well to hide the edges of a decal.

Thanks for the tip. I've read many good things about the Krylon clears. All my base and color coats are Rusto 2X - and I really dislike the end result of the 2X Clear. I've been wary of mixing systems - though I do use the Testors Glosscote over the Rusto 2X.

The Estes 2048 S1B isn't quite the Centuri KS-10 I had in my youth. (Picked up at the Kennedy Space Center gift shop circa 1980- that no longer carries model rockets, much to my disappointment!). But it's darn close - and I don't really feel like cutting the fuel tanks to make room for the cluster mount, anyway :-)

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