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Originally Posted by A Fish Named Wallyum
Yes, but do the kits have wings shaped like this? I'd love to know what the performance gains/losses would be.
I see what you mean--the lower sweep angle of his Mach-10's wings should give it better glide performance. Its moderately swept wings are similar in planform to those of the BAE Systems Hawk (the U.S. version is the T-45A Goshawk, see both here: and here: ), a subsonic jet trainer, and:

Many high-performance aerobatic and slope-soaring R/C sailplanes also have moderately-swept wings. The "stock" Mach-10's wings are highly-swept, like the wings of a supersonic fighter. But while they are aesthetically pleasing, they don't produce as much lift at subsonic speeds. They can also--like long conical and ogive nose cones that are made for supersonic use--have more drag at lower speeds because they have more "wetted area" than is necessary at subsonic velocities.
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