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Originally Posted by Rcktflyer
I would love more pictures of the Aero-High, that is the first color photograph I have seen showing the red on top of the first stage. I have black and whites of that round that distinctly show that part being a lighter color then the black.
So would I--the Aero-High, and Australian sounding rockets in general, are rather "thinly documented" (as a whole; some individual vehicle rounds are well-documented) in comparison with American ones. There are several people on the "Australian Rocketry" forum, particularly on the "Rocketry Control Room" sub-forum (see: ), who have--and occasionally post--historical "gems" on Australian sounding rockets (and on other countries' vehicles, mostly British, that have flown from Woomera). They welcome members from outside of Australia (I'm a member myself); it's the custom there to first introduce oneself on the "Self Introductions" sub-forum.
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