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Next up is preparing the back of the wrap.

If you peel off the entire back of the wrap and try to apply it, or just peel it off half way, you are almost guaranteed to have part of the wrap stick where you don't want it. So the key is to expose just a narrow strip of sticky surface along the back of the wrap right where your tic marks are on the front side of the wrap.

Because it is a little hard to see white on white in photos, I prepared the back of the Falcon wrap with a squiggly line (pic 1). You don't have to draw the squiggly line, I only did this to better illustrate what you are going to do. At the top of that same pic, however, you will notice a tic mark. I do (and you should) put tic marks at the top and bottom of the backing at the same location they appear on the front. This shows you where you will be exposing a sticky strip.

Once you have your tic marks in place put the wrap face down on a table and put a straight edge a couple of millimeters to one side of the tic marks (2nd pic). Remove the backing from one side of the wrap using your straight edge as a surface to tear against (2nd and 3rd pics).

Once removed, replace the backing back on the wrap but repositioned so it leaves a narrow strip of adhesive exposed (pics 4 & 5). Leave maybe 1/8" of exposed adhesive. You want just enough so that you can really stick it down but not so much that its going to grab where you don't want it.
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