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Originally Posted by Scott_650
Has anyone ever produced a BT-80 based Saturn V kit? Doing some rough math gives you a 28.6 inch length - a Saturn V just a few inches longer than a Big Bertha sounds like a good idea to me .

Kit? No, not to my knowledge, though a few of us have scratch-built one...

It's a shame it's never been kitted, because it IS a REALLY nice size for a Saturn V... big but not TOO big, can be detailed without having to be SUPER-detailed to look right. (The bigger a scale kit is, the smaller and finer the details that must appear on it for it to "look right"... the smaller a scale kit, the less detail and less well-defined detail is necessary for it to look right... case in point-- complex wraps and fine detail on the 1/100 Saturn V necessary for it to look good, whereas on the Dr. Zooch roughly 1:252 Saturn V (BT-60 main tube) printed wraps with mere printed lines looks fine for detailing).

The BT-80 based Saturn V is roughly 1:158 scale... it's nearly a perfect match with the Dr. Zooch BT-60 sized Saturn I's and Saturn IB's... (a BT-80 Saturn V would use a BT-60 for the S-IVB stage, same as the Dr. Zooch Saturn IB's). The proportions are almost perfect (there is a SLIGHT scale difference between the BT-80 tube (2.6 inch diameter) compared to the 396 inch Saturn S-IC/S-II stage stack, and the BT-60 tube (1.367 inch diameter IIRC) and the 260 inch S-IVB stage (the S-IC is about 1:158 scale and the S-IVB is 1:152 scale, but it's not really enough to even notice, and if one wanted to, you could build up one or the other with a layer of paper or cardstock to obtain the exact outer diameter so the scales match...

I turned my own S-II/S-IVB transition from foam, but all the parts for the LEM adapter and Apollo capsule I got a few years ago from Dr. Zooch, including one of his tower kits from a Saturn IB... Since they're the same size tube (BT-60) on his Saturn IB kit, the same parts can be used to make a BT-80 Saturn V since the S-IVB tube is BT-60 on both rockets... IIRC Dr. Zooch sourced the parts from BMS, so one could get the parts from Bill, or if push came to shove, simply cannibalize a Dr. Zooch Saturn IB kit for the needed parts... (or turn all of them yourself, which isn't terribly difficult... )

Here ya go...

Later! OL J R
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