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Old 09-22-2018, 11:36 PM
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Default Holverson Swinger

I guess this should go in the Free-For-All since it isnít a current kit nor a project, though maybe vintage at this stage. It was brought to mind recently by a listing in the For Sale section.

Back when Holverson Design kits had gone out of production but could still be found in hobby shops I happened upon several kits hanging on pegs and purchased the lot. I still have an unbuilt Silver Hawk and a Tangent. I think there's a Wicked Winnie in the box too.

The Swinger looked like a pretty fun kit to build and fly so I decided to build rather than save it. When finished and covered in red and yellow Japanese tissue it looked magnificent. It also weighed a ton. So heavy in fact that I never even gave it a test glide. Itís one of two rockets that Iíve made in about four decades of building and launching that head-sim said, ďNope!Ē

So it sits among the rocket garden, not even a bridesmaid.

There have been, over the years, a few rockets that flew poorly and therefore rarely see air-time (or never again). The most notable of those is an Estes Tomcat; also a swing-wing design employing an ingenious deployment technique but with a flight characteristic thatís so erratic that Iím afraid to launch it.

Donít know about everyone else, but I loved Holversonís designs and built and flew most of them. The Zoomie was a terrific flier (too good in fact and was lost). The Silver Hawk is a terrific flier and glides beautifully, though as with most flying wings it needs a check and some tweaking every time out. I may take a crack at scratch building another Swinger, this time using the lightest contest grade balsa I can get my hands on for the wings and tail. Someday when thereís a clear spot on the building board. Maybe.

It appears that one of the wings has taken on a pretty bad warp over the years. I normally print on rockets what they are, when they are made, and sometimes the recommended engines. This one has no ink so I'm not certain when it was made but I think it must have been early 2000's.
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NAR 78486 L2

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