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Old Today, 11:35 AM
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Originally Posted by stefanj
There's a charity asking for donations of eclipse glasses. They'll ship them to schools in poor countries due to have an eclipse in 2019.

* * *

Oregon Rocketry was invited to hold a demonstration launch at a private school as part of its Eclipse Day science event. They had a great viewing area, a grassy slope facing south over a lovely valley.

There was an invited NASA speaker who talked through the eclipse; also, a sound track ("Moon Shadow," "Bad Moon Rising," and as totality approached "Thus Spoke Zarathustra," among others.)

Totality was totally freaking amazing. I've seen lots of good pictures of the black disk and corona, but NOTHING compares to actually seeing this bizarre thing in the sky.

The rocket launch went fine, too.

Yes, will be taking donations of used eclipse glasses soon. I checked the website today and they didn't yet have the address to send them to.
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Old Today, 04:32 PM
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I actually don't have many left, but will consider donating some.

BTW, I came across an old Life magazine article showing kids making and using the kind of viewer I created some time ago.

I think I made my viewer about 20 years after the kids in the 1960 article. I am sure the world was in color at the time. Anyway, I recall that the stylish head-in-a-box viewer worked well. I could see sunspots with it and I didn't go blind.

-- Roger
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