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Don Altschwager 06-22-2022 02:00 PM

Estes Blackbird Bulk Package
I am trying to clean up the Estes Starter Kit List and one of the entries is for the #1766 Blackbird SR-71 Bulk Pack. I can not remember where this came from; I looked through the catalogs and as far as I can tell it was never listed there. I tried looking is some of the Estes Educator literature but I can not find it listed nor in the Estes Certificates of Compliance.

Any ideas?

I am wondering if I should just delete this entry.

If something is not in the general catalog, I am trying to put a source for where the listing came from. Some examples are the Belleville Hobby's exclusive bulk packs, or Estes Website, or Spotted in an Ebay listing (with a photo). The 1781 Little Red Max Starter Outfit came from Jeff Jenkins who I think found one on Ebay. The Snap-On tools starter set was on Ebay and has a Certificate of compliance.

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