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blackshire 05-26-2018 01:19 AM

Alouette 1 model (link)
Hello All,

I just came across this downloadable card stock model of the Canadian Alouette 1 satellite (see: ). It could be converted to a flying model rocket by utilizing its downward-angled (canted turnstile) telemetry antennas as stabilizers, like the old Estes Design Book 'styrofoam ball and dowels' designs ("Moonik," "Sputnik, Too," etc.).

I hope this material will be helpful.

GlenP 05-26-2018 10:21 PM

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There are a lot of cool space models out there, so have you built this one yourself yet?

I found a BB-8 droid model and converted it to 18mm power like a Moonik. My stabilization dowels (made from kabob skewers) are removable for display, they friction fit into internal lugs, the ends of the lugs stick out just enough like little feet to keep BB-8 standing upright.

BB-8 paper model:

blackshire 05-26-2018 11:59 PM

That's an interesting "artroc" (a type of oddroc)! Similar flying models of the robots VINcent and BOB (see: ) from the Disney movie "The Black Hole" (Estes offered at least one licensed kit from this film, depicting a spacecraft in it) could also be built as dowel-stabilized rockets.

Fuse Eh! 05-31-2018 03:27 PM

What a great find! Thanks for passing the info along. It's time to put a new (sharp!) blade in my X-Acto knife and have some fun.

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