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5x7 01-25-2020 06:10 PM

Stellar Dimensions Kits
Stellar Dimensions kits on EBay

5x7 01-25-2020 06:16 PM

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These are the original square kits, made with interlocking laser cut plywood. I got two others in a hobby shop in the 90s. Rocket Reviews indicates the company started in 1995. The ones I have are the Xanadune and Sparrow.

The attached pictures are from the listing, I had never seen these four before, Vector, Phalanx, VR.T.GO, and Gyro Romo. The last two pics of the Avenger are from a later listing.

Initiator001 01-25-2020 08:25 PM

I recall this company had a brief existence.

I did pick up five or their kits: Spinnaker, Dartan, Vector, Avenger & Xanadune.

They're somewhere in the bowels of my collection.

5x7 01-25-2020 09:03 PM

Originally Posted by Initiator001

They're somewhere in the bowels of my collection.

I hope they were wrapped in plastic. :chuckle:
:chuckle: :chuckle:

BEC 01-25-2020 11:17 PM

Goodness....these came from just over on the other side of the valley from me. And I never heard of them until this thread.

I wonder if Rick Randol (New Way Spacemodels) is aware of them.

mycrofte 01-26-2020 07:29 AM

I didn't know they had closed.

hcmbanjo 01-26-2020 10:39 AM

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Here's the build of the Xanadune (finish to start) from 2011.

These were probably some of the first kits to really take advantage of laser cut parts.
Some interesting construction, but as I remember the baffle didn't work very well.

Launch report from May, 2011:
With an Estes A8-3, it spun on the way up, the fins are canted.
At ejection, only the nose cone blew, the tightly packed parachute didn't eject. In that narrow midsection there is little room for a parachute.
Take a look at the casing pulled after the flight.
Most of the ejection charge blew out the back, down the open corners of the square bodied engine mount.

stefanj 01-26-2020 04:06 PM

I have one of these. Built, never "painted." I think it is the one in the second photo.

It recently resurfaced from my build box. I will give it a much longer shock cord and a little parachute.

It would probably fly OK on an A8-3.

Gus 01-27-2020 02:36 AM

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Stellar Dimensions produced 10 kits in all. The square construction made motor retention somewhat interesting (no standard motor mount tubes included). But the kits were all very inventive and interesting.

Here is a copy of their "Catalog."

If anyone knows more info about the company, creator, I'd love to hear it.

And note the company motto, "Dare to be Square." Seems that made a comeback, LOL.

GuyNoir 01-27-2020 08:57 AM

Originally Posted by Gus
Stellar Dimensions produced 10 kits in all.

Hadn't seen the boost glider before. Anyone got plans / patterns they can share?

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