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Sather 08-02-2018 10:30 AM

2018 Jarosch Cup at ECOF

The Jarosch Cup is an annual competition open to WOOSH members, in remembrance of beloved friend and sorely missed WOOSH rocketeer Fred Jarosch, who passed away shortly before the WOOSH-hosted 2009 NAR National Sport Launch at Bong. ECOF 2018 will be the 11th running of the Cup. One of the foundations of the competition is that the holder of the cup hosts the following year’s event. This has spawned many, many great ideas, from motor choices to to cheese selection to event variations. We thought it would be nice to include a little of every past event in a grand parade of rules so complicated you will need a lawyer to decipher them. (And I can assign/deflect blame for specific rules.) Hang on.

Event (Hosted by) = features
2008, 2009, 2010 = Gouda Lofting (Jeff Z.) = “G” motor duration
2011 = Edam Spot Duration (Sather R.) = “E” motor duration, bonus for spot landing
2012 = Edam Spot Duration (John M.) = “E” motor duration, bonus for spot landing
2013 = Danbo Spot Duration (Sissy S.) = “D” motor duration, bonus for glitter
2014 = Cheddar Chucking (Marc S.) = “G107” spot landing
2015 = Cheese Splashdown (Walt E. & Joe K.) = spot landing on scale Space-X barge
2016 = Cheddar is Better (Sabrina S.) = “C” motor streamer duration
2017 = Happy To-Cheddar (Don F.) = 2 flights, spot landing, motor separated by 2 impulse classes
2018 = The Cheese-aholic Frolic (Sather R.) = see below


2011 = Anti-Rocketry Competition (Marc S.) = unique, non-typical rockets, peer voting
2018 = WI Roc Competition (Jay R.) = target altitude without going over (WOGO), peer voting
The Cheese-aholic Frolic = Time Duration without going over (WOGO)
Date = 18 Aug 2018 at Bong park in WI (yes, a one-day event)
19 Aug 2018 rainy and/or windy day backup (at discretion of Contest Director)
Rules & Scoring

#1. In keeping with the fine Wisconsin tradition recently adopted by Space-X, the Jarosch Cup competition, as well as ECOF in general, will remain a cheese-centric event.

#2. The more, the merrier. All flyers can register individually. Family members may each make an independent / individual entry.

#3. Contest Director flies to Holland this weekend. At ECOF, each entrant will be given a block of smuggled, malleable cheese, initially approx 1/2” cube of insignificant weight. Said cheese must fly aboard rocket in all qualifying flights.

#4. Entry rocket must fly twice, with motor(s) used in each flight separated by one impulse class. (i.e. “A” to “B”, “B” to “C”, “C” to “D”, etc.). Yes, you can go down one instead of up one.
- ”1/2A” is considered for this purpose to be a separate impulse class, as where we began using the alphabet for motor classification was somewhat arbitrary. (There weren’t any leftover letters smaller than “A”.)
- Only NAR certified commercial motors may be used. CD may elect to verify a reloadable motor if used.

- Flyer must present their rocket to Contest Director for inspection before and after each flight. Rocket may be weighed sans motor, cheese must be present, etc. The rocket must be safely re-flyable.
- The double flight requirement eliminates the fluke lucky shot that can’t be duplicated
- The motor requirement eliminates the “one trick pony”
#5. Parachute recovery by motor ejection mandatory
- No tumble, featherweight, streamer, helicopter, glider, or saucer recoveries allowed. Parachutes period. (Snitches are specifically prohibited, Sabrina!)
- This does not preclude the use of a pyramid or spool, for example, as long as a parachute is the sole recovery device. CD will evaluate on a case-by-case basis by watching the actual recovery, and if the “rocket" tumbles or appears to be aerodynamically braking, a DQ may be necessary. Basically, the parachute must be sized to be effective as the sole recovery device, and a safe recovery / descent rate is still a NAR requirement. i.e. no 6” Top Flight chute on a 3 pound rocket, etc.
- No electronics allowed. This includes Jolly Logic items and guidance devices to aid in spot landings.
- Ballast weight will not be added/removed between flights
- Same parachute(s) will be used for both flights. No one may “adjust" the parachute between flights. i.e. no reefing, no spill holes added between flights, etc. Rocket must fly in the same recovery configuration in both flights.
#6. - Flights will be timed from first movement until Earth contact (tree landing, etc.) Two independent and neutral timers will be used. Both times (to nearest 1/100th second) are recorded on score card.
- The four times from two flights are added together and divided by four. This is your average time. An average time over 45 seconds means you failed the WOGO and is a DQ.
#7. Bonus Points
a. Glitter - rocket has a substantial amount of glitter on the exterior = 3 points. Highly visible colors = 3 points. Max possible glitter bonus = 6 points

b. Peer Voting - This is a subjective portion of the total score, the rest is quantifiable. Entrants that declare participation to the CD a minimum of 2 days prior to the event (in time to make ballots) qualify for Peer Voting. Criteria is for unique rocket design, fit and finish, theme, etc. Flyers that have "pre-registered” get a ballot and can vote for their favorite competitors… anybody but themselves. Most Peer Votes = 6 points, second place = 4 points, 3rd place = 2 points. Ties are averaged, i.e. 2-way tie for first = (6 + 4) / 2 = 5 points each, 3-way tie for first = (6 + 4 + 2) / 3 = 4 points each, 2-way tie for second = (4 + 2) / 2 = 3 points each. If you are not pre-registered for the event, you will not be on the ballot and not eligible for Peer Voting points. Peer voting will end at noon and ballots tabulated.

c. Spot Landing - Hey, NASA flies for a reason, so should we. A planetary target is placed at a specified and safe distance from the LCO table. Spot landing can be on either flight of rocket, but not both. (i.e. the best one counts). To avoid having to measure each and every flight, a rocket must land within a 20’ radius of the target to be considered. Measurement will be to the portion of the rocket closest to the target. Rockets that do land within this 20’ radius qualify for bonus points to as follows… Closest to target = 8 points, second closest = 6 points, third closest = 4 points, fourth closest = 2 points. Ties will be averaged in the same manner as ties in peer voting (above). Hint - Neil deGrasse Tyson is specifically disqualified for any points in this category.
#8. The NASA “Mulligan" rule - You crashed on the first flight, timer(s) lost sight of rocket, actually lost the rocket, etc. You may at any time and for any reason, discard your attempt on that rocket and begin anew with a different rocket. Bonus points for Spot Landing and Glitter may be added, but peer voting was for your original design only and will not carry forward. (You might not have had any points there anyway, Glen). Cheese will be replaced for lost rocket only. For all other reasons, recycle your cheese. Max of two cheese blocks given per entrant… i.e. you lose 2 rockets, you may have to borrow a cheese block from someone else.

#9. Scoring. Your Base Score is your Average Time times two. Hitting the Target Time exactly would result in a Base Score of 90. Bonus Points for Glitter (max of 6), Peer Voting (max of 6), and Spot Landing (max of 8) are then added. A perfect score would therefore be 110.

#10. Tie-Breaker Rule = Fly-off by combination of spot landing and timed duration. Rocks taped on the outside of the rocket are not allowed. Closest to target, minimum duration 30 seconds.

#11. Contest starts at 9:00 AM. Peer rocket voting will begin at 9:00 AM and end at noon.

#12. Point tabulations will be in real time. A leaderboard will be maintained at the Contest Director’s table. Planned contest end time is 4:00 PM, with award presentation to follow. If, while the contest is running, the weather takes a substantial turn for the worse, the time may be shortened with a minimum of one hour notice so everyone has a chance to complete their qualifying flights. Winner will be presented with the Jarosch Cup traveling trophy, and be responsible for hosting the 2019 event. Additional prizes may be awarded at the discretion of the CD.

Sather and Kelly

Sather 08-02-2018 10:59 AM

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Sample score sheet

Sather 08-02-2018 09:47 PM

Rules updated for clarification. Changes / additions in this font / color

Sather 08-15-2018 10:07 AM

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Tomorow last day to preregister. Can still participate and fly at ECOF, just won’t be on the ballot for peer voting bonus points. To encourage the few fence-sitters, and in keeping with the coffee pot theme of the first place trophy, we added a few additional prizes for 2nd, 3rd, and Honorable Mention. Probably not dishwasher safe.

Sather 08-15-2018 10:41 AM

Bump - Rules updated for clarification. Changes / additions in this font / color

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