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stickershock23 07-24-2010 02:55 AM

And a few more new things...
Well once again I am Proud to announce a few new decal sets..

So lets get right to them.

First up.. A 3 part set.

Canadian Arrow

This come with PRINTED logos, Cut vinyl windows, and Vinyl paint masks for the fins. makes for a PERFECT finish.

I am also REALLY PROUD to announce We are working with Performance Rocketry to offer Decals for all their kits. Right now we are doing all sizes for the Awesome all carbon fiber...


I have also modified a couple of my VERY POPULAR Military Missile sets.
The lettering for small rockets has always been tough to make look really good, so now these two kits (more to come) will come with PRINTED decals for the lettering. (smaller sizes only. larger will still be cut vinyl)

Bull PUP


Honest John

As always all our decals are made out of 5 year rated high quality vinyl, so they will last a lifetime on ANY rocket.

Thanks for looking and remember.

Never fly naked!


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