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jeffyjeep 08-12-2015 07:53 PM

Apollo 1 Saturn 1B
I'd like to do a 1:70 scale 1B to replicate the Apollo 1, 204 vehicle. ROTW doesn't seem to show the exact configuration. Does anyone have the pattern specs?



the mole 08-12-2015 09:04 PM

I find this a good site.
I don't know if it will help or not.

CPMcGraw 08-13-2015 12:39 PM

Do a search for Apollo 5, the first LM test flight. The Apollo 1 booster and sustainer were used for that mission after the CSM and fairings were removed.


dlazarus6660 08-13-2015 03:26 PM

I never get tired of watching that stuff. Thanks!

Without looking it up, who was the narrator?

LeeR 08-13-2015 03:43 PM

I watched it too. I loved the narration. Melodramatic a bit, but not in a negative way. It just was the way many of the space program documentaries were done -- portraying a definite seriousness to the importance of the event.

ghrocketman 08-14-2015 12:49 AM

Very interesting.
I thought that narrator was great.
I honestly thought that woman that was the voice of the later shuttle launches was positively HORRIBLE. She had a voice for selling laundry detergent, NOT shuttle launches.

jeffyjeep 08-15-2015 12:37 PM

Originally Posted by the mole
I find this a good site.
I don't know if it will help or not.

Thank you! This was very helpful.

the mole 08-15-2015 09:41 PM

Glad the site was of some help. Are you using a SEMROC 1/70 Saturn 1b kit?

If you are, you might try using my 1/70 Saturn 1b wraps that can be found here on this forum.
Will be following this build if you do a thread on it here.

jeffyjeep 08-15-2015 10:41 PM

Yes, I'll be using a 1/70 Semroc kit with an Apogee plastic CM and LES.

ghrocketman 08-15-2015 11:20 PM

The Apogee plastic capsule is the ONLY way to go with both the 1/70 Semroc K-29 S1B clone as well as with the 1/70 LJII Semroc Estes clone.

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