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Dave Pritts 10-08-2019 07:59 PM

Surface Mount Fins
Just ordered a LOC Starfighter which has surface mount fins(wings) I think. Can anyone point me to articles about strengthening surface mount fins. I'm hoping to push this bird hard with full G impulse. Hard and fast.

Thanks in advance. :)

ghrocketman 10-08-2019 11:53 PM

Use epoxy; not 5 minute either. Use at least "15 minute", better yet 30 minute.
Drill 1/16 holes into the body tube spaced 1/2" apart along the fin mounting lines before mounting the fins.
These holes form "rivets" locking the fins to the tube.
Fillet the fins with epoxy.
It will survive on any G motor short of the G669 Warp-9 Aerotech load.

Dave Pritts 10-09-2019 07:32 AM

Many thanks. i'll try it.

jetlag 10-09-2019 09:11 AM

I surface mounted mine using 30 min epoxy. It's been launched at least 6 times without issue, the largest engine's being an Aerotech G40-10.
That gave it it's best flight!


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