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jeffyjeep 11-09-2019 08:32 PM

Build thread: Boyce Aerospace 1:14 Nike Ajax
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Today the USPS delivered my Boyce Aerospace Nike Ajax kit (parts!)

The order included everything in the photos except for the ST-10, ST-11, and BT50 tubes that the builder has to supply themselves and that I had on hand already. I've not cut the tubes to length yet.

I've not been this excited about a build in a LONG time! Should be fun.


jeffyjeep 11-10-2019 09:58 AM

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I've measured, cut, and labeled the tubes. (Oooo! Ahhhh!)


jeffyjeep 02-16-2020 09:21 PM

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Now after a hiatus of just over 3 months I've continued work on the Boyce Nike Ajax. This will sharpen my limited skills with working with 3D printed parts to prep me for tackling the Gemini Titan that's on it's way.

As was described by another member on another thread, I first sanded the booster fin can as smooth as possible without removing detail with 220. After 3 coats of high build gray primer and then a heavy buff with #0 steel wool the lines in the plastic are predominately filled and smooth.

The ST-11 tube is epoxied onto the fin can and the upper 3D printed LL is epoxied onto the upper end of the tube. The ST-10 tubes are epoxied onto the sustainer fin unit and the lines are drawnd for the conduits.

I'll continue this when I return from Lexington, KY.

Good night.


Flash 02-17-2020 07:59 PM

Awesome looking rocket! I know what you mean. Boyce Aerospace is really providing some very nice kits that no one else is providing.

I own their :
Saturn 1 SA5
Saturn 1 SA7
Saturn 1B with paper tubes
1/46 Gemini Capsule
1/35 Jupiter C capsule
1/100 Apollo Capsule
Remake of Titan IIIe parts needed to clone Estes old Titan IIIe.

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