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Bob Austin 03-18-2023 07:28 PM

Flight Logs 64-bit Version Install Bug – Corrected
We were recently notified of an installation bug in the 64-bit version of Flight Logs, release 8.5.2 BETA. When a user attempted to install the Flight Logs software, it would indicate that a file was missing and could not continue.

Upon being notified of the issue, we discovered that the download file on SourceForge was corrupted. This file was removed from the downloads listing and a new version was uploaded.

This new version is now listed as Flight Logs 64-bit 8.5.2 BETA 2. If you have previously downloaded the earlier version and found it would not install, we encourage to download this version and install it.

This issue only applies to the 64-bit version installation file. The 32-bit version and the Developers version are not affected. Further, there is no issue with the Flight Logs database itself. The error was contained wholly within the set-up program.

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