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Bob -

I'll bring what I can to the launch this weekend - my car will be tight, will have my wife and daughter there.

In addition to the box of instructions, kit headers, etc...I also have a bunch of organized plans that I store separately...I pasted the list below, if anyone has any specific requests for these plans, let me know, and I'll include them in the box for Bob -



Canaroc Starcruiser Warlok
Centuri Arcon-Hi
Centuri Arrow 300
Centuri Astro-I
Centuri Hummingbird
Centuri IQSY Thomahawk
Centuri Iris
Centuri Laser-X
Centuri Lil' Ivan
Centuri Little Joe II 1/100
Centuri Mach-10
Centuri Mini-Dactyl
Centuri MX-774
Centuri Payloader II
Centuri Point
Centuri Quasar
Centuri Space Shuttle (Dual Shuttle)
Centuri SST Shuttle
Centuri SSV Scorpion
Centuri Swift
Centuri USS America
Centuri Vulcan
Centuri/Enerjet Pterodactyl
Estes Aerobee 300
Estes Aero Fin
Estes Alpha
Estes Apogee II
Estes Arcas
Estes Asteroid Explorer
Estes Avenger
Estes Beta
Estes Birdie
Estes Black Hole Space Probe
Estes Cherokee-D
Estes Cobra
Estes Colonial Viper
Estes Constellation
Estes Delta
Estes Der Red Max
Estes Drifter
Estes Falcon
Estes Farside
Estes Farside X
Estes Firefly
Estes Gemini Titan GT-3
Estes Goblin
Estes Gyroc
Estes Halley's Tail
Estes Honest John (BT-50)
Estes Interceptor
Estes Invader
Estes Little John
Estes Mark
Estes Mark II
Estes Mars Lander
Estes Mars Snooper
Estes Mars Snooper II
Estes Midget
Estes Mighy Moe
Estes Mini Scale Combo Pak
Estes Mosquito
Estes Nighthawk
Estes Nike-X
Estes Nimbus
Estes Omega
Estes Orbital Transport
Estes Patrol Cruiser Excalibur
Estes Photon Disruptor
Estes Ranger
Estes Saturn V (1/242 scale)
Estes Scissor Wing Transport
Estes Scout
Estes Scrambler
Estes Skinny Mini
Estes Sky Dart
Estes Sky Hook
Estes Spaceman
Estes Space Plane
Estes SPEV
Estes Sprint
Estes Sprite
Estes Star Blazer
Estes Starlab
Estes Starlight
Estes Starliner
Estes Starship Vega
Estes Stinger K-53
Estes Streak
Estes Strike Fighter
Estes Super Flea
Estes Tartar
Estes Trident
Estes USS Andromeda
Estes V-2 (BT-55)
Estes WAC Corporal
Estes Wizard
Estes Wolverine
Estes X-Ray
Estes #4 Bug-A-Bye
Estes #10 Li'l Augie
Estes #12 Sky Slash II
Estes #13 Big Bertha
Estes #15 Spudnik-Too!
Estes #18 MMSV-II
Estes #19 Loadlifter 1-A
Estes #20 Mini-X
Estes #21 Flying Jenny
Estes #22 Tiger Shark
Estes #23 Raven
Estes #26 Sky Bolt
Estes #27 Deacon
Estes #28 Augie II
Estes #29 Eagle
Estes #30 Double Trouble
Estes #31 Commuter
Estes #32 Aerobee Hi
Estes #33 Robin
Estes #34 Whee II
Estes #35 Vertex
Estes #36 260 Space Booster
Estes #37 ASP
Estes #38 Gamma
Estes #39 Saturnian
Estes #40 Mitosis
Estes #41 Space Twins
Estes #51 Challenger
Estes #52 Jaguar JGD-2
Estes #53 Aero Fin
Estes #54 Space Freighter
Estes #55 Starship Excalibur
Estes #56 Flyin' Stovepipe
Estes #57 Little Beth X-2
Estes #58 Zeta
Estes #59 Ganymede 274
Estes #60 Camroc Carrier
Estes #61 Birdie
Estes #62 Mark IV
Estes #63 Omega
Estes #64 Patna Mark-I
Estes #65 Sky High
Estes #66 Scott-B
Estes #67 Blue Lightning
Estes #68 Scorpion
Estes #69 Constrictor
Estes #70 Black Knight
Estes #73 Orbital Transport Labratory
Estes #74 Gigantiroc 2-A
Estes #75 Effort III
Estes #76 Space Shuttle JPZ-3
Estes #77 Stratos
Estes #78 Top Secret
Estes #79 Pencil Rocket
Estes #80 Equinox
Estes #82 Intruder
Estes #83 Tartar
Estes 204 Evader
Estes Agressor
Estes AN-5 Spider
Estes Aries II
Estes Arrow
Estes Arrow-C
Estes Aurora II
Estes Buchanan Buster
Estes Bumble Bee
Estes Cloud Buster
Estes Cobra II
Estes Cosmic Cruiser
Estes Cygnus 37
Estes Dirty Bird III
Estes Eclipse
Estes Egg-Brute Renegade
Estes Falcon
Estes Hi-G Payloader
Estes Lil' Tinker
Estes Mako
Estes Manta Ray
Estes Mini Finless
Estes Moonnik-I
Estes Nova
Estes Omicon
Estes Orion II
Estes Pee Wee
Estes Predicta-I
Estes Quazar
Estes Screeming Eagle
Estes Sidewinder II
Estes Silver Streak
Estes Sky Bird II
Estes Sky Hook
Estes Skylance
Estes Skylark
Estes Starburst
Estes The Arrow
Estes The Eagle
Estes The Force
Estes Three Stage Ring Rocket
Estes WF-125 Banshee
Estes Zebra
Estes Super Big Bertha
Estes Sea Strike D
Estes Javelin
Launch Pad Warlock
Nova Salamander-5 Rocket/Glider
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