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Default Wrapping a 1/100 Saturn 1B

I'm the guy that posted the 1/70 scale Saturn 1B wraps, but I like the 1/100 scale Saturn 1B the best. To me, it's the right size not too big; not too small. So I have done a set of wraps for the 1/100 scale Saturn 1B. This time, however, I have built the rocket as I drew the wraps, so you can see them as they are applied. I used the ESTES 1/100 Saturn 1B for the tube size, and patterns needed to clone this rocket. If anyone has questions as I'm posting, I will try to answer them if I can. When I get to the end of the build, I will ask Scott to post them like he did the other wraps for those who would like a copy of the wraps.

The first thing I did was read Gus's tutorial on how to apply wraps here. I used his method to apply all my wraps. Thanks, Gus, this worked out great. With this said, let's get on with the build.

The first thing I did was print out the fuel tank wraps and apply them to the tubes. Next I glued them to the core tube.
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