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Default My one the bench list

Since getting back into model rocketry after a long hiatus.
The 50th anniversary of the moon landing brought me back .
Dug out my 15 year old rockets from up in the attic.
Texas heat did take their toll on them. Got about 1-2 flights out of them before they came apart.
I knew I would need to rebuild the fleet.
Since it is too hot for my 60 year old body to fly this summer, I concentrated on building
Since end of July I have built the following:
Estes Mercury Redstone
Estes V2
Estes Cherokee E - paint drying
Estes ESAM
Estes Nike X
Estes Saturn V #1969 still on the bench.

Forgot how much i enjoy building.
Now that i am semi retired and kids out of the house, more time for it.
Just waiting for the heat wave to break so i can see how they fly.
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