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Default Buzz McDermott - Please return my vintage kits!

I have not been able to reach you through
other avenues. You have not answered my emails or phone calls since
October of last year, when you said you would return my Kopter
Pterosaur kit, Estes Solar Warrior and a decal from Rogue. All were
scanned and put up on Ye Old Rocket Shoppe site months
before that (May/June '04). As much as I and others thank you for
help, it has been over a year now that you have had these (since
April '04) and I have not received them despite promises of return.
October of last year you said they were ready to mail back and would
so immediately. These are rare kits -- the Kopter Pterosaur is
irreplaceable -- and I am concerned about your silence.

Please contact me ASAP so we can close this matter.

Best, Bayard
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