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Default PR: Sunward: New TARC, Facebook, Short urls

Sunward is please to announce new features on the Sunward website and new product additions.

TARC - Team America Rocketry Challenge
Sunward is again this committed to TARC. Due to new rules, we have designed and made a new 15" round parachute. It meet the requirements for the new size restriction. Available only in red at this time.

Sunward is now on facebook:!/...144895522191775
We just started up, so it is very new. Come over and help up build it up.

Short url's
For easy browsing, each Sunward page now has a custom short url. Bottom left of each page. So the parachute url above now becomes:

Also, I recently obtained my level 2 Certification for "I" motors. Videos have now been posted to the blog:

The sale on the NOMEX Flame Resistant products and on the nylon parachutes continues.

Sorry, but due to the extra time of making the new 15" round parachutes, they are not included in the sale.
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