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Thanks for asking, It's funny how many people think I'm grinding my planes down on asphalt.

In fact it is a fabric material tacked down over rolled grass called Geotex, worst it gives is a slight black rub mark, no other damage, on Windy days it is hard to judge decent rate exactly especially with a 90 degree cross wind like on that day, there are other obstacles like benches and launch rails I have to dodge too.

If the grass is dry I'll try to land on that, but yes, landing on the centerline is always cool

Some of my models that aren't painted I'll land on the runway if the grass is wet because the cardboard will get soft from the water, I usually put some vinyl or clear packing tape on the bottom but some always gets on top.


Originally Posted by olDave
not trying to criticize or anything like that, purely curious---

if there is grass nearby, why not aim to land on that instead of the asphalt? or is it just "cool" to land on the runway?
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