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Originally Posted by Bluegrass Rocket
In 1977 there was a MRN photo contest. Estes would pick 25 winners each to receive a $20 gift certificate. My rocket buddy and I thought why not enter. We purchased a 24 exposure roll of film for my friends momís camera. We each took 12 photos of our choosing. We each took our best photo and separately entered the contest. We both won. They only published 16 of the 25 winning photos, they only included my name. We thought the odds of us both winning were pretty slim. The pictures are the printed sheet from the MRN with my friend Kenny and my winning photo.

Wow, yeah, I guess you were surprised when you BOTH won! Of course, that is better than just ONE of you winning! Could have ended a friendship!

Is that a photo 'cutout' inside the payload section of the second photo? If so (or even if it is not) it actually looks pretty realistic!

I recall that MRN issue.

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