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Originally Posted by blackshire
Thank you for posting the Nuri model photograph! Is it a plastic kit made by Finescale Models? (They made a 1/144 scale KSLV kit: [South Korea's first satellite launch vehicle; it used a single, modified, Russian Angara-type booster core module, topped by a Korean-made solid propellant second stage with a movable nozzle and guidance system, rather like the USAF's Thor-Burner II and Thor-Burner IIA satellite launch vehicles].)

No, this is a pre-made display model. I think these are actually sold at KARI (Korea Aerospace Research Institute). I had to get a set which included the TLV (Test Launch Vehicle - a suborbital rocket that tested the Nuri first-stage engines).

I do have the Finescale kit. Super-nice model. I hope they eventually model the Nuri as well.
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