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Originally Posted by aeppel_cpm
The screen grab is from a walk/hike tracker I was trying on the phone in order to try to help stay on the last known sight line.

I found my eggfinder had a broken battery lead when I was prepping on-site. So I pulled it out of the rocket, thinking that the 4"x10' mylar streamer would be sufficient.

I lost sight of the sustainer several seconds before apogee, based on when I stopped the video and later counting out the seconds. Never saw it again. Other people saw it, which is why I have a sight line.

Wind and descent rate says it should have come down before the road, but the witnesses said it was -way- out. If the chute came out at the top, then it would be a lot farther, which is why I went so far out on foot. And 2 days later. I had winery work to do launch day and Sunday, so I couldn't spend the time Saturday to explore when the altimeter still had battery. I didn't even think that the on-board WiFi would have let me know I was close until a day and a thunderstorm later.

Aaah, got it. Well...don't give up hope. It may turn up yet, possibly by someone else. I remember on a few different occasions some of us Georgia guys getting calls well after returning from LDRS's in Kansas and other remote locations saying "some farmer found your rocket" and having it returned after some shipping arrangements were made with the respective finder.

But yeah, it's frustrating because you know 'it's out there somewhere', if only you knew exactly where.

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