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Originally Posted by scigs30
A while back I experimented with sealer prior to gluing parts to see if it would make a weak joint. Of course I was careful not to get sealer on root edge of the balsa parts. I glued a bare balsa fin to a body tube with aliphatic glue, added glue fillets and allowed to dry for a week. I did another fin, sealed with 4 coats of Brodak sealer and did the same thing. After a week I tried to break the fins off. Both were solid, and I could not tell a difference when trying to break the fins off.

Ooh, thanks for that analysis! I've always been a bit hesitant to seal BEFORE assembly for that very reason, figuring fillets in particular might not 'grab' as well on a sealed balsa surface. Most builds are not intricate enough to really warrant doing that beforehand, but on a few (like the kit being discussed) it would be a big help.

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