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The Apogee capsule does not have any provision for attaching a shock cord. I was thinking of gluing some scrap styrene inside to make some type of anchor like the 1/45 capsule has, but I didn't trust my plastic-smithing skills. I knew I was going to have to add clay nose weight for stability, and then decided to make a cap out of 1/4" plywood. The clay would go in the nose tip (I'm not flying with the LES tower) and then I would glue the cap with thick CA and add an epoxy fillet. A standard screw eye in the wooden plug and voila!

I drew the cap with a compass, cut close to the line with a bandsaw, then finish sanded it on a bench top disc sander. I'm really proud of the fit I achieved! It makes a nice "pop" when I pull it out of the shoulder. The plastic cone has a slight taper on the ID, so I sanded a taper on the cap.

I added the clay (0.82 oz) then glued the cap in place.
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