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Yes, he is.
If you follow him, he uses his buying account to bid on the pristine unopened kits.
I wish I would have not deleted the items on my watch list to post the links.
I will no long delete them to further post them in the future.
I'm glad we are all aware of people like this.
Certainly, I would hate to have collection, mostly in 3's, 1 for me to build and fly once and diplay, and one each to my 2 son's when I'm gone, to end up in the hands of someone that could and would never appreciate my efforts and the true value of the kits.
The memories of childhood, and the one's that I could never get as a youngster.
I mowed yards to fly what I did back then. And it was never enough.
For someone like Goodrocks1 to his grimmy hands on my collection would make me turn over in my grave.
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