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Default Interceptor-E, MRI Zenith Two, R/C Rocket Glider Phoenix & Cuda kits for auction

I have added four more old kits for auction:

Estes “Interceptor E”, 39” long scale-up of the classic kit.

MRI Zenith Two Payloader from 1969-1970.

Aerotech Phoenix R/C Rocket Glider, designed by Bob Parks (F & G powered).

Vector Aero “Cuda” R/C Rocket Glider kit, designed by Kevin McKiou, for C/D/E power (designed for S8E).

These are in addition to the Centuri 1/100 Saturn-IB:

And Estes V-2 Maxi-Brute:

All auctions will end Thursday October 10th, shortly after 8 PM, EDT.
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