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Default Auction - Estes SR-71, 1/100 Little Joe-II, Vindicator, Roto-Rocket, etc.

Yikes! Somehow, when I posted a second message in my Interceptor, Orbital Transport, Scissor wing auction thread, listing 6 more kits, it was LOST! So, here's the other 6 kits.

Auctions end Thursday night, after 9 PM EST.

Estes Little Joe-II, 1/100 scale #0892 -

Estes SR-71 #1942 -

Estes Sweet Vee R/C Rocket Glider 55” span -

Estes Vindicator #1367 -

Roto-Rocket “Star Scan” Photon Scanner Sailwing Glider -

Centuri “Rocket Rack” display stand from the 1970’s -

The other six kits are here:
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