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[QUOTE=astronwolf]Estes already went through reissuing classics, including a bunch of Centuri classics, in 2010. I suspect that this signature series thing is something a little different from the usual BAR wish list. I can't speculate about what the never before seen stuff might be. But the "lesser known classics" I imagine might be those kits that one can look back and definitely see that it set a milestone for Estes, or exemplified an era or certain period in the company's history. All that - and it has to be something that might sell.

I stopped briefly at the NARAM that was held in Michigan (I was in the area) and was part of a conversation with Mike at the Estes booth about the Flutter By. He led me to believe that they got burn't on that one and wasn't real keen about other vintage Centuri designs. I did get a free one he was passing out.
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