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I think we need to look at one obvious elephant in the room. The TRF post was one of several made by the same individual of material that could still bring income to Mr. Alway in the form of the still available supplements. Mr. Alway has asked him to stop on more than one occasion and he hasn't. Something should have been done, and to my understanding, finally has. That should be the end of that particular discussion.

As to what is posted on YORS, JimZ's, Ninfinger, etc. None of the material has been posted with ignored objections of the owners of said materials. Quite the opposite has happened. Owners have been asked and have either given their blessing or have told them not to post them and their wishes have been followed. Let's not look a gift horse in the mouth and stir up things. We don't want to cause some owners of the materials to change their minds and demand that this wonderful historical information be removed from our access. Please let this thread die.
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