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Originally Posted by PaulK
With no mention of Roachwerks in the title or description, easy to pass under the radar. I guess there is a potential benefit to putting in an early minimum bid, though I didn't know an auction could be converted to BIN after a bid was made.

I don't sell on eBay, so I'm not sure what is allowed or not, but I think you are right: once a bid has been made it is *supposed* to not change format. But I think we have all seen 'auctions' --with bids in place -- suddenly disappear as a listing on eBay because the seller, more than likely, accepted someone's 'offer' to go ahead and end the auction for an agreed-to price and all the other bidders are left in the cold. I've had that happen a good handful of times to items I was bidding on. I suspect too that is what happened in this particular auction. But, it was a good deal for someone out there....

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