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Originally Posted by Gus
Yes, but Mike is right. The comments about buyers are pointless. Nobody reads them, or would refuse to accept money from someone who is labeled a "cranky buyer", LOL. So I really couldn't care less about the comment he left about me.

And those kind of comments in feedback generally make the seller look worse than the buyer.

As Uncle Mike says, there are some truly bad buyers trying to take advantage of sellers on eBay. But, they are very rare. Don't feel bad about contacting a seller to report a problem or ask for help resolving one. And don't be concerned about getting on a blacklist by doing so. It is only the scammers and people who do things like making threats that end up in those lists.

Please contact the eBay seller first (using eBay messaging so you both have a record of the discussion if that is a concern) before using eBay's "Report a Problem" link. eBay's system has gotten better, but is still limits what sellers can do to solve a problem. It is frustrating as seller to be forced to do things that neither the seller or buyer wants just because eBay's automated resolution system guides you down that path.

If the seller doesn't respond to the problem properly, then use eBay's system to handle it. And then leave appropriate feedback.
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