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Default "New" HAD rocket! (links)

Hello All,

Here, on/from the Australian Rocketry forum (posted by member "Barinv," see: *and* attached below) is a photograph of a HAD (High Altitude Density) sounding rocket round that is slightly different--both physically, and in terms of its decor scheme--from the HAD round that Peter Alway documented in his book "Rockets of the World," and:

The CarnarvonSpace website (see: ) has a scan--with attribution to him--of Peter's drawing of the HAD (see: ); several HAD rounds were fired at Carnarvon, and one came straight back down, as is described on the site (and in Peter's book)... The slightly different-looking (and differently-painted) HAD round that "Barinv" posted a picture of on the Australian Rocketry forum was one of the Carnarvon-launched, 2-meter balloon-deploying HAD rounds (that same picture that "Barinv" posted is included in the Carnarvon website's history article). Also:

Most HAD rounds released 2-meter diameter aluminized polyester film balloons which inflated immediately after deployment, about 120 kilometers above the Earth (see: ), and tracking them by radar generated the desired upper atmospheric data. (The HAD model rocket in the picture on that website was built for and mailed to the Woomera sounding rockets group in the late 1960s or the early 1970s, and this event was chronicled in a nice article in the NAR's magazine at that time [I've seen it online]; today this model is on display in a case in the Woomera museum.)

Instead of having a cylindrical "tail can" around the Gosling first stage rocket motor's nozzle (with the fins affixed to the tail can, as Peter Alway's selected HAD round--which the Woomera museum model also depicts--did), this Carnarvon-launched HAD round's first stage fins were affixed *directly* to the nozzle. (This design characteristic appeared among the later Australian sounding rockets, particularly the smaller ones; it is well-shown here, in a picture of the Kookaburra rocket: [and also attached below]). The attached pictures below (there are others in the thread that is linked-to immediately above) are--from left to right--the (Carnarvon-launched) HAD, the Kookaburra, the Aero-High, and the Corella (these last three vehicles were launched at Woomera), and:

Here is the opening page of the Australian Rocketry forum that these postings are from (they’re in the “Rocketry Control Room” section, along with many other interesting threads): . In that section of the Australian Rocketry forum (as well as here on YORF), I have posted scale data and historical information on Australian sounding rockets, which are among the more obscure suborbital space vehicles.

I hope this material will be helpful.
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