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Originally Posted by vcp
I've got some Aero-Hi prints here somewhere too. Need to go dig them out. I do recall that it included drawings of the launcher.
Excellent! If the NAR still has the Super Scale category (a scale model fired from a scale launcher), those drawings would "create" a new scale subject for it. Also, I'm not 100% sure, but the HAD (High Altitude Density--it's covered in "Rockets of the World") and possibly also the Cockatoo (the post-WRESAT replacement for the HAD; both vehicles usually carried radar-tracked 6' aluminized polyester film falling sphere balloons for gathering high-altitude wind data) also--I *think*--used the same "counter-weighted" launcher as the Aero-High. If so, that would enable three new Super Scale subjects (some of the Australian Rocketry forum [see: ] members have built and flown Cockatoo scale models). Also:

The HAD did fly from a "counter-weighted" launcher at Woomera, as well as from a "flat box beam" launcher there, as shown in Peter Morton's "Fire Across the Desert" (a photograph of the HAD round depicted in "Rockets of the World" shows it on the "counter-weighted" launcher, which I think is [but may not be] the same one that the Aero-High flew from). The HAD round shown in the picture above (in the initial posting of this thread) is one of the Carnarvon-launched vehicles (Peter Alway described the Carnarvon campaigns in "Rockets of the World), which is on a portable launcher.
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