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Originally Posted by Earl
I had to chuckle at a good way.

Scott_650's verrrry passing and semi-buried comment "Oh, and B14s may be coming back" to this YORF audience is akin to stepping into the house and casually saying "Yes, honey, I'll mow the grass...after the alien space ship in the back yard takes off."


The B14 discussion started about competition rocketry in Europe and how B14-0 motors worked so well which led to the quick comment about bringing that motor and others back. Though my favorite motor comment of the evening was the Aerotech guys gently and humorously poking at the Estes guys for saying the QJets were the best motors for the RTF Saturn V.

I donít have any specific memory of flying B14s as a kid though Iím sure I did - I flew whatever motors the hobby store (or Woolworth) had on sale
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