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Originally Posted by stefanj
The Jetex revival page that Blackshire points to mentions a crowdfunding effort.

Who would be onboard? I'm wavering.
I will be. Jet-X plans to produce their own kits (and they've already tested them, as their website's videos and still photographs show). Also, since Vintage Model Company already sells "Retro-Repro" duplicates of classic old (Veron, Skyleada, etc.) Jetex model kits, there are already such models that could use Jet-X's J-1 motors. Their J-1 motor is similar in size to Dr. Z's Rapier motors (which are no longer made, although some are still in stashes here and there), whose motor mounts, in turn, are easy to retrofit into Vintage Model Company's Jetex kits (and Jet-X's J-1 motor mount is very similar to the Rapier motor mount). Also, speaking of very small jet motors:

Sam's Models, from whom I bought Rapier motors years ago, carries Derek Knight's tiny (32 mm, 24 mm, and 18 mm diameter) EDF--electric ducted fan--units (see: ). One model rocket-related application of these that comes to mind is a small-scale model of the Harpoon cruise missile, using an 18 mm EDF in the missile and a 13 mm or 18 mm model rocket motor in the booster, which could be parachute- or streamer-recovered (as could the EDF-powered missile as well).
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