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Question: can you paint fine details, like stripes and roll patterns, with it? If so, do you need a particular kind of airbrush for that? From the little that I have read about it, I got the idea that some brands and models of airbrushes were best for fine detail work, while other brands and models worked best for covering broad areas.

Yes ,
airbrushes come in lots of flavors ,some do certain things better than others.
the good thing is you don't need a high dollar precision instrument to paint rockets
I have 4 airbrushes ,(I also went crazy at the Badger blowout and grabbed 2 really nice ones.)
however,I hardly use them because they are geared to really fine work. and I mostly paint rockets not graphic illustration, touch up photos, or build 1/72 scale luftwaffe aircraft

my workhorse is a Passche H, single action . it's more a multipurpose and cheap.
they can be picked up for roughly $25 on the internet or a craft/hobby store.
I also use a Passche vl ,it does the same but is also good for small detail and it sprays a little better, smoother. the downside is I have to take it apart to "deep clean" it.

the single action only has a tip to remove to clean when necessary
both can accept a color cup or plug in a bottle.

airbrushing stripes and roll patterns are no different than when using a spraycan.
they will have to be masked off than sprayed as usual.unless it's a pattern where you want a fuzzy or faded line, like a camo effect.

there are benefits actually , you don't have to mask off everything. I often paint seperate areas with no more than a couple strips of masking tape because the airbrush can be dialed down to spray within a very small area yet cover nicely. overspray is not a big issue.
annother benefit is because AB paint goes on in such a fine thin mist, tape bleed is a rarity.

my suggestion is to look for airbrushes that have siphon feed(bottles).
you can empty a little color cup really fast.
the models that accept both are even better .you can do some amazing color fades with the little cup.
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