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Default NCRBE Orbit Motor

The press release announcing the Orbit launch set contained a second paragraph:

"As a companion piece for the Orbit(tm), North Coast Rocketry(R) is also announcing a new Dark Star(tm) motor, the F62-9. The long delay of this motor allows the Orbit(tm) to coast to maximum altitude before ejection."

The F62-9 motor was produced in limited numbers for the purpose of testing with the Orbit rocket kit. The F62-9 motor never entered mass production for sale to the general public.

A few of the F62-9 motors reached the hands of collectors.

At NARAM-42 I flew my slightly modified Estes Maniac kit with a F62-9 motor. I was warned before the flight that the performance of the F62 motor could exceed the structural limits of the one-piece molded plastic fincan.

My Maniac was launched and promptly came apart several hundred feet in the air.

Here is a picture of a loaded F62-9 motor.
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