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Default Other possible Dark Star motors?

My collection contains a molded Dark Star motor case that is longer than the ones used for the F62/G70 motors.

While the F62/G70 case length is 103mm this 'long' case is 139mm.

I do not recall if the 'long' case is the actual size of the molded product and later cut down for the F62/G70 motors or was an entirely new case for perhaps a higher total impulse 'G' motor.

Another possible motor was an 'E' using a single propellant grain in the same F62/G70 motor case. I know it was discussed but how far along towards becomming an actual product I do not know.

Here's a picture of the 'long' case along with a comparison picture of the 'long' case with a F62 and G70 motor.
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