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Originally Posted by Jerry Irvine
I think the main limiting factor is some guy willing to make the master CD. Plenty of people talk about this over the years but painfully few take any tangible action.

I did something with the magazines I published by putting the first year or two of them on the internet primarily so folks could see for themselves where large model rockets and high power rockets came from in actual reality. There was considerable propaganda and history rewriting by one national organization before I simply published all those magazines to the internet for all to see.

If anyone wants to volunteer to convert my physical publications to CD and iBook formats, I am game. I am willing to pay a stipend so it does not cost money to volunteer.

I would let NARTS sell my magazines and keep all the proceeds as I am a very strong supporter of NAR.

Just Historical Jerry

I don't think putting these on a CD would be hard at all. It'd simply be a matter of converting each web page to a PDF file and it's basically drag and drop from there.

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