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Originally Posted by chadrog
Photo's of the crew's kids? That seems kinda weird. Impressive collection otherwise.

I have the "Apollo 11 Artifacts Collection" set that is included in the auction. It was sold at bookstores during the holidays a couple of years ago. It's interesting, but nothing to get real excited about. It includes reproductions of things related to the moon flights including patches, documents, and ... copies of photos the astronauts took with them.

But, I'm pretty sure it didn't include a couple of Toy Story posters, at least mine didn't.

Anyway, I never knew that the astronauts took Toy Story posters to the moon. It must have something to do with Tom Hanks.

I wonder if there's really someone out there that would think to themselves ... hmm .. $795 for an autographed photo of Von Braun ... that's a lot ... wait ... it comes with a DVD of "The Right Stuff?!" Well, then, that makes it worth it! :-)

-- Roger
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