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Default New Design - Centuri Italian Sea Killer 1.15X

I much more greatly prefer Centuri/Semroc ST-10 to ST-8, simply because there's more room to attach a Kevlar shock cord anchor to the motor mount.

Hence, my "slightly bigger than before" version of this rocket. I included a color kitcard photo from scigs30's build of the original model.

EDIT: I just added the fin patterns that I redrew in Paint Shop Pro.


Centuri Italian Sea Killer 1.15X

SEMROC Parts List

BC-1039 Nose cone 3.90” L
ST-10120 Body tube – 12.00” L
SE-14 Extra large screw eye*
CP-12 Parachute
LL-130 Launch lug

EM-710 Engine mount
ST-730 Body tube
TR-7 Thrust ring
2 – CR-710 Centering rings
EH-20 Engine hook

2 – Birch dowels 8.25” L x 1/8” dia.
4 – Birch dowels 1.18” L x 1/8” dia.

3/32” T balsa fin stock

* SE-14 extra-large screw eye is nose weight to insure stability.

A8-3 - 1.54 calibers
B6-4 - 1.41 calibers
C6-5 - 1.10 calibers
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