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Originally Posted by Tau Zero
<BUMP> to resurface this thread.

Good thoughts, Gordy! Thanks for sharing!

You specifically mentioned Elmer's white glue.

Thinking this through, since yellow glue tends to dry (relatively) harder than white glue, it seems that it would be harder to sand any "extra" white glue. Yes?

YORF Hivemind, please weigh in and confirm/deny my suspicions, if you would. Thanks in advance!

I tried yellow carpenters glue and the results were disappointing.

It came out with lumps and ridges that were so hard to remove I wound up sanding down to the wood.

I'll never do that again!

Elmer's lays pretty flat and is pretty much self leveling.

Besides Elmer's is so freakin' cheap and available anywhere, why use anything else.
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